HHSC Dismisses Suggestions from Stakeholders on Changes to THSteps Caries Risk Assessment


Last Friday, the Health and Human Services Commission sent out a notice that it had "updated its Medicaid Medical and Dental Policy web page by posting stakeholder comments and HHSC responses for the THSteps Diagnostic Dental Services policy in development." TDMR had earlier promoted that providers should respond to the invitation to comment.  The agency wrote it had received comments from MCNA Insurance Company, DentaQuest, and the Texas Dental Association The odd thing about the update is that every suggestion and comment that was submitted to HHSC on the THSteps Diagnostic Dental Services Caries Risk Assessment was rejected with the phrasing of the HHSC's responses rather cold and dismissive.  The result leaves one to wonder if such responses are welcome and whether future … Read More...

Texas Attorney General Civil Medicaid Fraud Unit Spent Over $6 Million And Used Up To 21 Lawyers Per Case On Questionable Medicaid Dental Cases

SOAH hearing photo

A document received from an open records request filed in early September shows that the Civil Medicaid Fraud division of the Office of Attorney General (OAG) has expended some 20,953 staff legal hours against 16 dentists and dental practices accused of Medicaid fraud from as far back as early 2012. TDMR filed the request because the Civil Medicaid Fraud unit is at odds with the current initiative of the new Inspector General of the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Stuart Bowen to … [Read More...]

State Board of Dental Examiners Under Sunset Review


The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is under review by the Sunset Advisory Commission this year. The Board has published a 154-page self-evaluation report that can be downloaded from the Commission website. TDMR has not yet reviewed it.  The Sunset Commission is compiling a staff report on the Board and it is anticipated that it will have public hearings in the near future. Looking for public input The Sunset Commission is looking for input from the public about the Board and who … [Read More...]

OIG Settling Old Dental Medicaid Cases, But the OAG Retooling Some of Them

court of law

As reported in the press this week, there has been a tremendous effort on the part of the new Health and Human Services Commission Inspector General Stuart Bowen to settle old, outstanding investigations against Medicaid providers—including dentists.  Per the Chronicle, Bowen has offered settlements to nearly 100 Medicaid dental providers “to clear the decks” as previous methods used by OIG were flawed. The effort has been applauded by legislators with Senator Charles Perry telling the … [Read More...]

UPDATED: Former HHSC Chief Counsel Jack Stick Hits Bottom with Long Avoided DWI Conviction


UPDATE:  Stick has been sentenced to six days in jail. The man who famously carried a toy stuffed wolf into informal resolution meetings with Medicaid providers and quipped that he could "find a program violation on Jesus Christ" if Jesus were a Medicaid provider met a further comeuppance Monday. A Travis County jury found he was guilty of driving while impaired back in September 2012 when an Austin police officer pulled him over for erratic driving. Stick had been delaying the inevitable for … [Read More...]

Inspector General Stuart Bowen

First Inspector General Report to Governor Available

As reported last week by the Austin American Statesman, … Read More...

Antoine SOAH Hearing

Antoine Dental Center District Court Victory Appealed – Are Taxpayers Being Served?

The recent decision by a Travis County District Court judge … Read More...

xerox -hhsc

State Lawsuit Against Xerox for Medicaid Ortho Billings Moving Forward

Back in May of 2014, the State of Texas terminated Xerox as … Read More...

byron harris feat

WFAA’s Byron Harris is Leaving the Building

Dallas TV station WFAA is losing its long-time, … Read More...

children health insurance program

HHSC Updating THSteps Diagnostic Dental Services Policy and Wants Feedback from Dentists

  The Health and Human Services Commission has just … Read More...

justice for texas medicaid providers

Antoine Dental Vindicated! Court Overturns HHSC Ruling on Alleged Fraud and Payment Hold

Yesterday, Travis County District Court Judge Amy Clark … Read More...

Dental care for kids who need it

UPDATE: Substitute Dentist Billing for Medicaid Providers To Take Longer

UPDATE, August 11, 2015:  We have been informed by a very … Read More...

THHSC building

Former Jack Stick Aide Cody Cazares Resigns

A name familiar to many Medicaid dentists who have felt the … Read More...


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