Texas Dentists for Medicaid ReformTexas Dentists for Medicaid Reform is organized by dentists who are concerned about the future of dental care for the over three million Texas children eligible for Medicaid.

Their practices, their reputations and their families have been hurt by the bureaucratic red-tape and bungling of state Medicaid officials and the unjust tactics of their enforcement arm, the Office of Inspector General.

The agency that should be looking out for their interests, the Texas Dental Association, has been silent because the vast majority of their members do not take Medicaid. Unlike, the Texas Medical Association, the TDA does not come to the aid of honest dentists and only seeks to protect their own narrow self-interests.

95% of dentists surveyed who take Medicaid patients do so for altruistic reasons—helping impoverished children and families obtain needed dental care. When they are successful and honest, they deserve to be assisted and protected for their efforts. They should not be savaged by a system, that as it currently is, only treats them as criminals.

That is why the Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform is here.

Meet our Board and staff members.


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