Xerox Denies Lawsuit Claims of State and Dentists

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Last week Xerox filed a response to both the lawsuit filed by the State of Texas and its dentist intervenors about Xerox's allegedly deficient Medicaid orthodontic prior authorization process that led to $1.1 billion in program spending without proper review. Xerox issued a general denial of all claims, stating: Subject to stipulations or admissions that may hereafter be made, Xerox enters its … [Read more...]

TDMR Requests Public Hearing on HHSC-OIG Compliance with Due Process Rights under SB 1803

Star of Texas with the State Capitol Building at Night

Letters to both Rep. Richard Peña Raymond and Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, chairmen of the House Human Services and Public Health Committees respectively, have been sent from TDMR President Greg Ewing requesting a public hearing on SB1803 and HHSC's compliance to the legislation. SB 1803 went into force September 1st last year and is supposed to provide  due process rights for Medicaid providers who … [Read more...]

Competitors in New York Protest Awarding of $550M Medicaid Contract to Xerox

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Back in May, shortly after Texas filed suit against Xerox and removed the company as the lead contractor in the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership for its failure to properly handle Medicaid orthodontic prior authorizations leading to $1.1 billion in program expenditures, the State of New York awarded Xerox a $550 million dollar contract to build a new Medicaid management system for the … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Alleges Xerox Wrote Misleading Documents on Ortho Prior Authorizations

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As part of the lawsuit against Xerox, the former lead contractor for the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership, the Texas Office of the Attorney General alleges that Xerox, from the beginning of its contract with Texas, wrote misleading documents that indicated each request for Medicaid orthodontic treatment was submitted to and reviewed by its dental director when this was not the … [Read more...]

State Alleges Xerox Instructed Dental Staff to Approve HLD Scores of 26 or More Automatically Starting in 2004

ACS Xerox

In the lawsuit against Xerox filed by the Texas Attorney General, there is one more startling revelation. The State is alleging that Xerox as early as 2004, when the company took over the contract as the state's Medicaid claims administrator, the lead contractor in the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership, immediately changed the Medicaid orthodontic prior authorization process. Xerox … [Read more...]

Dentists Told in 2009 to “Assume” Medicaid Ortho PAs Are Reviewed by Board-Certified Orthodontist

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Back in January 2009, a Medicaid Orthodontic Stakeholder meeting was held in Austin at the offices of the Texas Dental Association. Dr. Linda Altenhoff presided at the meeting. Dr. Altenhoff is currently the Dental Director for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General, a position that was created under SB 1803. Back in 2009, Dr. Altenhoff held the position of … [Read more...]

Xerox/TMHP “Dental Specialists” Trained Only to Add Up HLD Score


Apparently TMHP/Xerox "dental specialists" were only trained to add up HLD scores on Medicaid orthodontic pre-approval requests and determine whether the total was 26 points or more, per allegations contained in the  lawsuit filed against Xerox by the Attorney General of Texas. Approved $700 Million in Orthodontic Pre-approvals These Xerox staff approved some $700 million in Medicaid … [Read more...]

Xerox Ortho Staff Worked from Home, Didn’t Review Material and HHSC Knew in 2008

Texas Medicaid fraud

As reported in May, the Office of the Attorney General of Texas filed suit against Xerox as the state's lead contractor in the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership.  The state is seeking to recover fraudulent Medicaid payments for orthodontic and dental services that were improperly approved by Xerox from 2003 forward. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission also terminated Xerox's … [Read more...]

Former HHSC OIG Deputy Counsel Reported Internal Wrongdoing and Was Dismissed Per Lawsuit

whistleblower wrongful dismissal

Michael McMillen, former Deputy Chief Counsel, Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General, is suing the HHSC for wrongful dismissal after reporting alleged violations of law within the agency.  The nature of the alleged violations are not known.  The pleading is available online or since the connection is slow, now on the TDMR website. The suit, filed July 2012, is … [Read more...]

Kyle Janek Rules – “Dentists Found Innocent by SOAH, Are Guilty”

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On May 7th,  Dr. Kyle Janek, the Executive Commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, issued his final order in the case of Antoine Dental Center of Houston. Upheld reversal of favorable SOAH ruling on Antoine Dental As expected, Janek overturned SOAH’s payment hold ruling, which was favorable for Antoine Dental. That SOAH ruling found no prima facie evidence of fraud … [Read more...]