Abbott Appoints Longtime Aide to Lead Health Commission 

Charles Smith, a longtime ally of Gov. Greg Abbott, will be the next executive commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the governor announced Tuesday. Smith, the chief deputy executive commissioner at the massive agency, will start his new position on June 1. "Charles Smith is a proven leader ready for the challenge to take the helm at Texas' … [Read more...]

Mother Speaks Out About Harm to Her Children from Medicaid Ortho Debacle

Earlier this week, TDMR received an email from a mother who had her sons under Medicaid orthodontic treatment back in 2011 and 2012 and is still very upset at the both the state handling of the matter and the lack of concern by MCNA for her sons' continued treatment.  Since 2012, she has been trying without success to get treatment continued for both sons, one with a Class I … [Read more...]

Jailed Texas Orthodontist to Get Hearing on Lawyer’s Fraud

Dr. Michael Goodwin of Amarillo pleaded guilty to one charge of health care fraud back in 2012 relating to the investigation into allegations of statewide Medicaid orthodontic billing fraud. Goodwin is the only dentist out of that morass to so far be criminally prosecuted and receive a jail sentence. He is in the midst of serving a four-year term in Indiana. Goodwin is … [Read more...]

The Inspector General Integrity Initiative Introduced for Medicaid Providers

Health and Human Services Commission Inspector General Stuart Bowen Jr. announced  in his quarterly report a new initiative to help combat Medicaid fraud and also help Medicaid providers. This is the IG Integrity Initiative.  It was formally rolled out on April 21 before the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. Based upon community policing model The … [Read more...]

IG Quarterly Report: Good News Except Medicaid Self-Reporting Leads to Further OIG Investigation

This morning Health and Human Services Commission Inspector General Stuart Bowen Jr. issued his latest quarterly report on OIG activities and results.  Bowen has ushered in a new era of transparency and accountability for the agency and these reports provide a tremendous insight into what changes have been made and how the agency operates. A copy of the report can be … [Read more...]

If State Officials Were Medicaid Providers, Then We’d See Action, Not Hypocrisy

The investigative digging of the Texas media into the operations of state government has once again revealed to the public, otherwise blissfully ignorant, the tremendous apparent hypocrisy of several state officials who view their positions as the divine right of kings rather than stewards of fiscal responsibility for their citizens. Attorney General paying $29,000 a month … [Read more...]

Federal Court Decision Makes False Claims Act Suits Against Medicaid Dentists Problematic

Since 2012, there have been a large number of outstanding but here-to-date sealed False Claims Act lawsuits against Texas dentists who billed Medicaid for orthodontic treatment from 2007 to 2011. Some are known and high profile but there are 46 pages of Medicaid dentists' names who don't even know they are being sued yet. These lawsuits were brought forward by Dr. … [Read more...]

Sunset Commission Releases Report Critical of State Board of Dental Examiners

The Sunset Advisory Commission today released its staff report on their observations and recommendations relating to the State Board of Dental Examiners. Basically, they found it had too many board members who did too little and got mired in business- related activities rather than public safety issues. Gov. Abbott just last week appointed a number of members to the SBDE … [Read more...]

Dentists Vindicated Again By Court of Appeals and Awarded Court Costs But Will the Madness End?

Today the Sixth Court of Appeals issued their decision in the Medicaid payment hold case of Antoine Dental Center of Houston.  The court again exonerated the practice from allegations of Medicaid fraud, again terminated the payment hold and, for the first time, awarded them court costs.  The court's decision can be downloaded here and its judgment awarding court costs … [Read more...]

Perry’s Lobbying for MCNA Effective as Florida Gov. Signs Law to Change Dental Medicaid in State

Gov. Rick Scott of Florida has signed into law changes that bring back DMOs such as MCNA and Dentaquest into Florida's dental Medicaid program if all goes well. Florida governor signs new bill relating to dental Medicaid Florida HB 819, a bill brought about through the Florida Sunset review process, was signed by Scott last week.  The state had dental Medicaid services … [Read more...]

Governor Abbott Names Chair And Appoints Six To State Board Of Dental Examiners

Governor Greg Abbott has named Steve Austin chair of the State Board of Dental Examiners. The governor has also appointed Diane Garza for a term set to expire February 1, 2017, appointed Bryan Henderson, II, Jorge Quirch and Rich Villa for terms set to expire February 1, 2021, and reappointed Renee Cornett and David Tillman for terms set to expire February 1, 2021, to the … [Read more...]

Feds Move to Protect Due Process Rights for Medicaid Providers

Four federal lawmakers from New Mexico - Sen. Martin Heinrich, Sen. Tom Udall, Rep. Ben Ray Luján and Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham - filed a bill last week to guarantee due process rights to Medicaid providers across the country who are being investigated for Medicaid fraud. Under the legislation, individuals being investigated will be allowed to continue treatment for their … [Read more...]


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