Chummy Relations in HHSC Caused $20 Million 21CT Debacle

UPDATE: The Travis County Public Integrity Unit has forwarded the criminal investigation into the 21 CT matter to another undisclosed investigative unit.  Per the Unit's head, the investigation is starting to move faster and was moved for reason of expertise and the complicated nature of the case. Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle lifted the veil on the beginnings of the 21CT … [Read more...]

TDMR Launches the “Medicaid Difficulty Alert”

There have been many changes for Medicaid dental providers over the last few years. The change from fee-for-service to managed care.   The upheaval caused by the former Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General and  rampant allegations of Medicaid fraud by dentists.  The scandals at HHSC over no-bid contracts especially the 21CT affair involving … [Read more...]

Dental Fraud Found by DMOs in Texas Less Than $250,000

No, that wasn't $200 million.  It wasn't $50 million.  It wasn't even $500,000 or $250,000. The amount of dental fraud found and recovered by Texas dental management organizations in 2015 was only $243,982.84 per the "HHSC OIG Annual Report on Certain Fraud and Abuse Recoveries by Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) - SFY 2015" released a few days ago. This is the third … [Read more...]

Former Gov. Rick Perry Now Working at MCNA

The Texas Tribune this morning reported that former Texas governor Rick Perry is now the chief strategy officer over at MCNA, one of the two managed care organizations Texas now employs to handle Medicaid dental.  It is Perry's first employment position after his recently ended run for President.  It turns out that MCNA was the largest political contributor to his campaign - … [Read more...]

Inspector General Sends Out Second Quarterly Report

This afternoon, the Health and Human Services Commission Inspector General Stuart Bowen sent out his second quarterly report - quite unlike his predecessor who sent out no such reports.  It is a remarkable 28-pages and will take some time to digest.  However, we wanted to get this out as quickly as possible before commenting. Here is Bowen's initial message from the … [Read more...]


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