Federal Medicaid Audit Tags Texas for $30 Million


Another HHS-OIG audit about to be released of the Texas Medicaid program will cost Texas another $30 million, according to a story in this morning's Austin American Statesman.  The federal audit covers 2011 for non-emergency medical transportation services. The article reports that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission "improperly claimed Medicaid reimbursements in 70 out of the 90 … [Read more...]

UPDATED: HHSC Executive Compensation Figures Released

THHSC building

This past week HHSC released a report on executive compensation within HHSC.  (Staff Compensation) Per the report, the average base salary for non-executive staff on August 31, 2014 was $37,326. The following table is excerpted from the report to show only the salary increases from 2013 to 2014 . It should be noted that the Inspector General's salary has increased from $153,296 in 2010 … [Read more...]

Texas Medicaid “Low Hanging Fruit” – AG Lawsuit Against Yet Another Company

justice for texas medicaid providers

Two weeks ago, the Texas Office of the Attorney General quietly filed a lawsuit against yet another company associated with Texas Medicaid - the drug company AstroZeneca. Millions of dollars in excess reimbursements It accuses the company of defrauding the Texas Medicaid program with the off-label promotion of its drug Seroquel, claiming that the company's illegal conduct resulted in … [Read more...]

TDMR: OIG Should Not Be Under HHSC and Performance of OIG Executives Should Be Reviewed

sunset commission2

This past Friday, TDMR sent its comments about the recent Sunset Commission staff report on the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to the Texas Sunset Commission. The following is what was sent from TDMR president Gregory Ewing.  A downloadable copy is available - TDMR Sunset Commission letter 17 Oct 14. ____________ October 17, 2014 Sunset Advisory Commission, 1501 North … [Read more...]

“Cooked Books” Caused OIG to Settle for $39,000 in $16 Million Dental Medicaid Case

THHSC building

A Texas Health and Human Services Commission employee in the Office of the Inspector General was fired because he apparently "cooked the books" in OIG's case against Dr. Rachel Trueblood, according to a story published in the Austin American Statesman yesterday evening. Settlement offer sent one business day after firing The Statesman's investigation found that the employee was fired and … [Read more...]

UPDATED: St. Mary’s University To Hold Forum on Texas Medicaid Fraud

Texas Medicaid fraud

The St. Mary's University Mu Psi Chapter of the Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society is holding The Texas Medicaid Fraud Issue Forum on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 in San Antonio. The purpose of the forum is to have an academic conversation with those involved in the issue. We don't have further information at this time on who will be speaking. If you wish to attend, … [Read more...]

Sunset Commission Wants Feedback on HHSC Report

sunset commission2

TDMR received a notice from the Texas Sunset Commission on Tuesday requesting feedback on the staff report just issued on HHSC which was particularly scathing of the Office of Inspector General. Make your voice heard Any Texan can comment on the report and we suggest that Medicaid providers take the opportunity to do so, especially if they have been adversely affected by HHSC-OIG. October … [Read more...]

Janek to Hire Special Assistant to Reform HHSC-OIG

HHSC Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek

The Houston Chronicle has reported that as a result of the Sunset Commission's scathing report on the Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General, HHSC Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek is appointing a special assistant to review OIG procedures and policies. The special assistant is to be in place by November 1. Senator Jane Nelson told the paper, “The problems identified … [Read more...]

Texas Commission Makes “Harsh Assessment” of Faults within HHSC-OIG Operation and Payment Holds

sunset commission2

This afternoon the staff of the Texas Sunset Commission issued its long anticipated report on their proposed recommendations for changes to the Health and Human Services Commission which is under sunset review this year. News Coverage: Texas Tribune, Austin American Statesman [paywall], Insurancenews.net. Sunset review process Per the Commission's website, the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission … [Read more...]

Judge to Rule Soon on HHSC Chief Counsel DWI Evidence

Jack Stick arrest

After two years, the Chief Counsel of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and former director for enforcement of the Office of Inspector General Jack Stick had a day in court on his DWI on Thursday. Judge to rule on evidence The Texas Tribune has reported that the judge in the case, County Court-at-Law Judge Nancy Hohengarten, will rule whether she will admit "blood test results … [Read more...]


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