Is That Pile of Straw on Kyle Janek’s Camel About to Break Its Back?


Yesterday both the Austin American Statesman and Texas Tribune published new scathing exposes on contract handling at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Close personal relations with lobbyist of successful contractor This time however the stories did not involve either Jack Stick or the 21 CT contract but instead revolved around HHSC Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek and the … [Read more...]

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Fact Book Available

fact book horiz

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has put together a 56-page Fact Book on its operation. It has all sorts of statistics and information on the HHSC budget, the population it serves and the programs it provides. It can be downloaded here - HHSC fact-book … [Read more...]

State Auditor’s Report: HHSC and the OIG Didn’t Have “Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability”

jack stick testifying feat

John Keel, the Texas State Auditor, just issued his report on the Health and Human Services Commission, its Office of Inspector General and their controversial and scandal-laden, no-bid acquisition of Medicaid fraud detection software from Austin firm 21CT. Workplace not conducive to ethics, integrity and accountability While the full report has not been digested, a key finding by Keel is … [Read more...]

Strike Force Report Outlines HHSC Mishandling of Xerox Medicaid Ortho Fiasco


Gov. Abbott's Health and Human Services Commission Strike Force, besides reviewing the Medicaid fraud software contract with 21CT and Jack Stick, looked at the Health and Human Services Commission dealings with Xerox and its contract dealing with the company's handling of Medicaid orthodontic prior authorization. The Strike Force report highlights the following facts: HHSC knew in 2008 that … [Read more...]

Governor’s HHSC Strike Force Report: Management Structure or Executive Management Must Change

THHSC building

Gov. Abbott's strike force has published its report into contracting problems at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission that exploded into public view from the mess with former HHSC chief counsel and deputy inspector general OIG Jack Stick and Austin software firm 21CT last December. Stick had championed 21CT to get a major contract for Medicaid fraud detection software although the … [Read more...]

The Health and Human Services Commission “Kitchen Cabinet”

HHSC Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek

The 92-page report of the Health and Human Services Strike Force has some very interesting information and observations on the operations of the Health and Human Services Commission that led it into difficulty of which the 21CT contract was essentially only a symptom of overwhelming organization and management problems. One particular section is on Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek's "kitchen … [Read more...]

FBI at Health Commission Asking About 21CT | The Texas Tribune

HHSC Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek

by Terri Langford and Aman Batheja, The Texas Tribune FBI agents have interviewed employees at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission about its problematic contract with Austin firm 21CT, Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek told The Texas Tribune, marking the first time an official with direct knowledge of the federal probe has confirmed it. “I can tell you what I know. I’ve heard … [Read more...]

Xerox and HHSC Both Fouling Up Like Crazy on Contracts Again

xerox -hhsc

These two organizations can't seem but foul up in Texas. Both are again under the gun for their contract performance - Xerox with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and the Health and Human Services Commission for contract irregularities with privatizing the Terrell State Hospital. Xerox got TXDOT contact while in Medicaid mess Xerox is taking heat because it is fouling up the … [Read more...]

Pay Up or Go Bankrupt: The Smile Magic Settlement


The news that Smile Magic Dental clinics recently settled with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General over allegations of Medicaid fraud confirms what TDMR has been saying for a long time – that the purpose of the large volume of orthodontic and dental fraud allegations against Medicaid dentists has been to either force them into bankruptcy or extort large … [Read more...]

Study Shows Caregivers Very Happy with Texas Medicaid Child Dental Care

Little patient

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission just released a report last week authored by the Institute for Child Health Policy at the University of Florida. The report evaluates the health care experiences and satisfaction of the caregivers of children and adolescents under foster care in this state's STAR Medicaid program between December 2011 and May 2012. Dentists rated 8.8 out of 10 for … [Read more...]

State Medicaid Investigations Produce Paltry Results | The Texas Tribune

$87 OIG Badges

by Terri Langford On a rainy day in February three years ago, about 30 men and women recently hired by the state filed into a dull government classroom to begin a week of training for their new positions. Texas funnels a river of federal and state money — at that time $28 billion and change each year — out to doctors, dentists, labs and other medical providers to pay them for treating … [Read more...]

House Bill Would Require Medicaid Providers to Get an Overpayment Hearing at SOAH

Texas Capitol

Rep. Bobby Guerra filed H.B. No. 3023 this week.  The purpose of the bill is to make it mandatory for Medicaid providers to get an overpayment hearing before the State Office of Administrative Hearings if they dispute an recoupment demand from the Health and Human Services Committee Office of Inspector General. The bill would force OIG to set the hearing there and removes the option of a … [Read more...]


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