Weslaco Health Care Compliance Seminar a Success – Seminars in Dallas, Houston To Be Held

Full seminar

This past Friday, TDMR and the Medicaid Providers Alliance held a successful health care compliance seminar at the Knapp Medical Conference Center in Weslaco. A room-capacity 72 dental providers attended and were informed that the Academy of General Dentistry had just a few days before approved the seminar for three hours of continuing education credit. Health care compliance programs … [Read more...]

Senators Angry at Janek – Another Call for Resignation

HHSC Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek

Sen. Joan Huffman added her voice to those Texas politicians calling for the resignation of Health and Human Services Commission Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek yesterday per the Houston Chronicle.  Huffman wasn't satisfied with Janek's answers nor his demeanor while answering questions before the Senate Finance Committee. Huffman is quoted as saying: "There were so many important issues that … [Read more...]

Was Jack Stick Sanctioned by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct before Working at HHSC?

jack stick testifying feat

With the press pounding out incredible stories about Jack Stick’s tenure at the Health and Human Services Commission and its Office of Inspector General, would it be surprising to learn that Stick, before he came to HHSC, had possibly earned a sanction from the State Commission on Judicial Conduct because he had “persistently failed to follow the law and demonstrated a pattern of failure to … [Read more...]

Florida On The Ball on Medicaid Fraud

Texas Medicaid fraud

An investigator from the Florida Office of Attorney General Medicaid Fraud Control Unit confirmed yesterday that an arrest had been made for Medicaid fraud. $6.7 billion in Medicaid waste, fraud and abuse nationwide Had their office uncovered a major Medicaid fraud ring, costing Florida taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars?  After all, the federal Health and Human Services Office of … [Read more...]

Medicaid “Docs Trying to Do Right Thing” – Legislators Concerned OIG Driving Providers Out of System


This past Monday, the House Human Services Committee held a hearing about the current status of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General. A lot has happened in the last two months since the devastating hearings before the Sunset Advisory Commission in early December . OIG scandal plagued since December Since then: Inspector General Doug Wilson and … [Read more...]

Former Employees Now Talking about Stick and HHSC/OIG Toxic Environment

jack stick testifying feat

Former Health and Human Services Commission chief counsel Jack Stick's name was again prominent in the Houston Chronicle yesterday. Former employees coming forward Former employees of HHSC and the HHSC-Office of Inspector General where Stick worked earlier as deputy inspector general for enforcement are now talking to the press with their tales of Stick's excesses that led to their firings. … [Read more...]

Jack Stick’s Golden Throne Cost Taxpayers Same as Full Ortho Treatment for a Medicaid Child

jack stick's chair

An executive office chair wasn't good enough for Jack Stick at the HHSC Office of Inspector General.  He and Doug Wilson, those now-dethroned towering pillars of routing out Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse, had to have better, much better. Stick needed custom made executive chairs So, Jack, when he was deputy inspector general for enforcement, ordered two handsome custom-made chairs that … [Read more...]

Medicaid Dentists Accuse HHSC and Xerox of Conspiracy, Negligence and Seek Damages

xerox -hhsc

Lawyers for a number of Medicaid dentists have filed their response to a revised suit filed by the state in the wake of the Sunset Advisory Commission hearings last December. Nonsuited administrative cases a victory for due process rights Prior to Christmas, the state nonsuited (dismissed) its ongoing administrative actions against a number of dental practices that had been accused of … [Read more...]

Why States are Ineffective at Fighting Medicaid Fraud

Texas Medicaid fraud

There is a primary reason why states around the nation have trouble fighting Medicaid fraud. States inept fighting fraud Both the KCBS videos from California we posted and the recent Sunset Commission report on Texas HHSC-OIG highlight that state agencies can talk about Mediciad fraud but when it comes to dealing with it, there is a significant problem of ineptitude and … [Read more...]

HHSC Ditching Anti-Fraud Initiative Started by Stick

jack stick testifying feat

The following is republished from the Texas Tribune: When Jack Stick became the deputy inspector general of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission in 2012, he saw an opportunity to help investigators beef up their production in bringing potential fraud cases forward. For the first time, general investigators — who review whether recipients of food stamps, Children’s Medicaid and other … [Read more...]

Governor Abbott Appoints New HHSC-Inspector General

stuart-bowen feat

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE GOVERNOR: Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the appointment of Stuart W. Bowen, Jr., as Inspector General for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for a term to expire Feb. 1, 2016. The inspector general works to prevent, detect and investigate fraud, abuse and waste in state health and human services programs. Bowen previously served for nearly … [Read more...]

What Real Medicaid Fraud Looks Like

medicaid fraud

David Gibson, CEO from Reflective Medical, one of the companies that demonstrated their Medicaid fraud detection software to HHSC back in 2010 and 2011, sent TDMR links to a couple of YouTube videos that show the kind of fraud that exists today not only in Texas, but around the country. California Medi-Cal fraud expose appalling  The videos are from KCBS in Los Angeles and detail the results … [Read more...]


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