Full Testimony of Inspector General Doug Wilson Before Senate Committee Now Online


On August 14th, the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services heard testimony regarding Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse. The full presentation given by Chris Traylor, Chief Deputy Commissioner, Douglas Wilson, Inspector General, Kay Ghahremani, Texas Medicaid/CHIP Director, and Joseph Schmider, State EMS Director, is now presented here. This is the full testimony which is also on YouTube … [Read more...]

House Human Services Committee to Hear Testimony on SB 1803 Next Week

Austin Texas Capitol

The Texas House of Representatives Committee on Human Services has announced that it will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday, September 3rd, which will include hearing testimony regarding the effectiveness of SB 1803 and changes that should be made to the legislation to improve it.  TDMR had requested such a hearing. The Committee is chaired by Rep. Richard Peña Raymond. The official … [Read more...]

State Again Sues “Reckless and Irresponsible” Xerox for Possible HIPAA Violations


The state is suing Xerox for a second time, afraid the company's recent actions in withholding a large number of documents relating to its tenure as the state's primary Medicaid claims administrator will lead to millions of dollars of federal fines against the state due to HIPAA violations. This morning HHSC issued a press release (see below) announcing that Xerox is being sued for failing to … [Read more...]

State Settles $16 Million Medicaid Fraud Case for Less Than $40,0000


In a stunning reversal of their previous hard-line stance, State regulators have settled a high profile "fraud" case for less than a penny on the dollar. Trueblood Dental Associates, an Austin dental practice with four locations and a high percentage of Medicaid patients, was originally charged with over $16 million dollars (Letter from OIG re Final Notice of Overpayment 7-31-2013) in Medicaid … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson Tells Senators “We lift payment holds all the time.” Really?


Texas Health and Human Services Commission Inspector General Doug Wilson told Sen. Judith Zaffirini and other members of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services at their August 14th hearing on Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse that his agency lifts payment holds on an ongoing basis when the provider produces evidence otherwise. This is certainly not the situation when the State Office … [Read more...]

Sen. Nelson Frustrated with Inspector General over Lack of Medicaid Fraud Convictions


Sen. Jane Nelson quizzed Health and Human Services Commission Inspector General Doug Wilson about the lack of Medicaid fraud convictions in Texas despite the tremendous resources the Legislature gave to the OIG last session. The questioning occurred during the August 14th hearing of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee which was hearing testimony relating to measures taken last … [Read more...]

Testimony Given to Senate Committee on Health and Human Services by Attorney Jason Ray

court of law

The following is the testimony presented last week to the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services by Jason Ray of Riggs Aleshire & Ray in Austin. Ray is an attorney for a number of Medicaid dentists who have been placed under HHSC-OIG payment holds that allege Medicaid fraud. My name is Jason Ray, and I worked in the Attorney General’s Administrative Law Division for five years … [Read more...]

Video Testimony of Texas State Board of Dental Examiners to Senate Committee Online


As part of its charge in its hearing last Thursday, the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services looked into the state of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.  The Executive Director Julie Hildebrand, the Director of Enforcement Lisa Jones and their new General Counsel testified before the Committee. As such testimony about the latest changes in the TSBDE is of interest to … [Read more...]

Video of Testimony by Dentists at Senate Hearing Now Online

dentists testify

Three dentists testified before the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Thursday about their experiences with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of the Inspector General and how their due process rights are still being violated despite the passing of SB 1803. The testimony of Dr. Teegardin is below and we are requesting the testimony of the others for … [Read more...]

Medicaid Dentists to Testify before Senate Committee Tomorrow

Austin Texas Capitol

Three Medicaid dentists who are involved in HHSC-OIG cases will be testifying tomorrow before the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. Dr. Chad Evans of Smile Magic from Dallas, Dr. Vivian Teegardin of Harlingen Family Dentistry and Dr. Paul Dunn from Levelland will be giving testimony regarding the lack of effectiveness of the current due process provisions outlined in SB 1803 … [Read more...]


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