Cleburne resident warns of Medicare fraud

Cleburne resident Sparrow Joe on Monday said she and her husband, Raymond Luther, were surprised to receive packages of medical equipment they never requested and later outraged by the response they received from others.

In a turn that appears possibly connected to Joe’s situation, federal officials on Tuesday arrested 24 people on charges relating to more than $1.2 billion in Medicare fraud incidents, according to AARP.

“A box showed up on March 4 with back and knee braces, neither of which were ordered by us,” Joe said. “I called the company, Back Braces Plus out of Florida. They told me Dr. Phelps out of Fort Worth ordered these supplies. My husband does not know Dr. Phelps and has not been to see him ever.”

Joe said the official she spoke to at Back Braces Plus said he would send a return label so that she could send the braces back. The label arrived 10 days later and she returned the package.

“But they also charged $2,400.48 to Medicare and Tricare and were paid $1,977.26,” Joe said.

Source: Cleburne resident warns of Medicare fraud / Cleburne Times-Review

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