When dental beauty is painful

HOW brave the dental scammers are in advertising their services online, be it for dentures, braces or retainers! Equally alarming is the growing pool of customers using the services of fake dentists.

Many eyes were opened to the trend of fake dentistry when, recently, an individual who provided illegal orthodontic treatment after learning the skill from YouTube videos was sentenced to six months’ jail for failing to settle a court fine of RM70,000. However, six days later after a crowd-funding exercise, she was released and her photographs were splashed on the front pages of newspapers.

On social media, some even said a person must be smart to become a dentist just by learning from YouTube and dubbed the individual as “intelligent”.

As a dentist, I feel obliged to correct the twisted message about this incident that’s making its rounds in public now.

Source: When dental beauty is painful / The Star Online

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