Dental care another hurdle for Georgia kids 

Health care realities for Georgia’s at-risk children often resemble something out of Dickens. And it’s not always just the abjectly poor who suffer, but also those who fall into the gaps between those eligible for public assistance and those whose family incomes are too high, but not high enough for private care.

Dental care is the latest area in which young Georgians are being shortchanged, according to a recent study by a Georgia Tech researcher.

A recent story in Georgia Health News cited statistics compiled by Nicoleta Serban, a Georgia Tech professor of industrial and systems engineering, who said more than a half-million Georgia children ineligible for Medicaid or PeachCare are growing up in those “gap” families unable to afford taking their children to dentists.

Worse, according to a recent report in Georgia Health News, Serban told the state House Health and Human Services Committee that there are another 600,000 children who do qualify for those public assistance programs, but who live more than 30 miles in urban areas, or 45 miles in rural areas, from the nearest available dental care.

Source: Dental care another hurdle for Georgia kids | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

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