Dentist loses license following patient’s death

A dentist who continued to do tooth extractions and implants after the dental board in Arizona barred him from doing them due to a patient dying after dental surgery has agreed to stop practicing, according to a story published on January 26 on ABC15.

The Arizona Board of Dental Examiners accepted a settlement offer in which Dr. Sergio Gomes De Souza agreed to have his license suspended for two years.

De Souza, who was scheduled to have a license revocation hearing in February, must have approval from the dental board before his license can be reinstated. If De Souza had moved forward with the scheduled hearing and had his license revoked, he would have had to wait five years to apply to have his license reinstated, according to the story.

In 2023, the board signed a disciplinary order against De Souza, of North Canyon Dentistry in Glendale, prohibiting him from administering anesthesia for at least one year after one of his patients died after receiving anesthesia for a dental procedure.

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