Federal court hands down 54-month sentence in wire fraud case

Frisco, Texas – A significant ruling was recently delivered in the Eastern District of Texas. The case in question concerned a resident of Frisco who was involved in unlawful activities tied to wire fraud, as announced by U.S. Attorney Damien M. Diggs.

The individual, Oscar Simon Ndereva, 45, pleaded guilty to the charges of wire fraud. This resulted in U.S. District Judge Sean D. Jordan imposing a 54-month sentence to be served in a federal institution.

The court proceedings revealed an intricate web of Ndereva’s illegal activities. It was unveiled that he orchestrated a sophisticated scheme designed to take advantage of private health insurance providers. Utilizing a fraudulent healthcare pharmacy, cleverly disguised under the seemingly harmless name “Healogix”, Ndereva submitted fraudulent claims.

This deceitful operation funneled the ill-gotten money directly into bank accounts, cleverly set up under an assumed identity, showcasing Ndereva’s deceptive tactics. His manipulations extended further.

Over the course of the scam, Ndereva exhibited a meticulous and deliberate method to obscure the source of the illicit funds. He cleverly transferred the stolen funds across numerous accounts, an effort designed to conceal the real source and nature of the funds.

Source: Federal court hands down 54-month sentence in wire fraud case / Patch

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