Florida Dentist Arrested for Running a $1.5 Million Medicaid Fraud Scheme

There are two people who are probably not smiling today. Attorney General Ashley Moody announced the arrest of a Florida dentist and her husband, a co-owner of a dental practice.

Marianna Zadov, DDS, and Shimon Leizgold, also known as Simon Leizgold, own and operate at least seven dental offices located throughout Florida’s southeast and southwest coasts. According to Moody, investigators with her office’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit discovered that, for a period of years, Zadov and Leizgold systematically engaged in a scheme to defraud and steal from Florida Medicaid and thousands of recipients.

“This couple deceived more than 5,000 patients by overcharging them with fraudulent fees for dental services, including extractions, fillings and more,” said Moody. “Thanks to my MFCU investigators and our law enforcement partners, their fraudulent scheme causing more $1.5 million worth of fraud is capped.”

According to the investigation, Zadov and Leizgold orchestrated a complex scheme charging patients for services covered by Medicaid and then stole from the program itself. According to Moody’s office, the defendants collected fees from Medicaid recipients for covered services, collected fees over and above authorized copayment amounts and collected payment from Medicaid for services never rendered. Moody says the investigation identified more than $1.5 million worth of fraud encompassing more than 5,000 Medicaid recipients.

Source: Florida Dentist Arrested for Running a $1.5 Million Medicaid Fraud Scheme / The Floridian

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