Garnishment proceedings underway in Medicaid fraud case

The United States Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina is continuing garnishment proceedings in the case of a woman who bilked the North Carolina Medicaid system out of millions of dollars through sham home health care operations in Ahoskie and Roanoke Rapids.

Navy Federal Credit Union in Vienna, Virginia, is listed in the court documents as the garnishee in the case of Latisha Reese Harron.

The document explains a judgment was entered against Harron upon her sentencing last year in the amount of $13,397,221.64. There remains a balance of $13,397,046.64, the document says.

“You are required by law to begin withholding any property in which the defendant has a substantial non-exempt interest or for which you may become indebted to the defendant as of the date you were served with this writ,” the document says.

Under terms of the writ the bank is required to withhold 25 percent of the defendant’s earnings which remain after all deductions required by law have been withheld. That also includes 100 percent of any other money which is owed to Harron as well as any and all accounts in which she is a primary party or has signature authority.

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