HHSC Sunset Self-Evaluation Report Now Online

The Health and Human Services Commission has put online its self-report to the Sunset Commission as HHSC is coming up for review by the Commission this coming year. The link below will take you to the HHSC website where you can download sections of the report.

“Sunset” is the regular assessment of the continuing need for a state agency to exist. While standard legislative oversight is concerned with agency compliance with legislative policies, Sunset asks a more basic question: “Do the agency’s functions continue to be needed? The Sunset process works by setting a date on which an agency will be abolished unless legislation is passed to continue its functions. This creates a unique opportunity for the Legislature to look closely at each agency and make fundamental changes to an agency’s mission or operations if needed.

The self-report contains two sections of interest: Medicaid/CHIP Division and Office of Inspector General. TDMR has not reviewed these documents fully as of yet.

Sunset Self-Evaluation Report, Sept. 2013.