Inspector General Taken to Task During Sunset Commission Hearings

On November 12th, the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission held public hearings on the Health and Human Services Commission with staff from both the Commission and HHSC staff testifying. The subject of the hearings was the 184-page report put together by Sunset Commission staff on HHSC with two of 15 issues addressed by report being directly concerned with the HHSC Office of the Inspector General.

Testimony of Commission staff

TDMR has now excerpted the video testimony given by Commission staff on those issues, number 10 – Poor Management Threatens the Office of Inspector General’s Effective Execution of Its Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Mission and number 11 – Credible Allegation of Fraud Payment Hold Hearings Do Not Achieve the Law’s Intent to Act Quickly to Protect the State Against Significant Cases of Fraud.


Wilson taking the heat

Douglas Wilson, the HHSC-OIG Inspector General, also testified to defend his agency. His hour-long testimony in which he is taken to task by various members of the Commission is now also online.

Wilson felt the heat under questioning by Rep. Richard Peña Raymond, Senator Juan Hinojosa, Rep. Harold Dutton and Sen. Charles Schwertner.

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