Lab Owners Charged In $107 Million Medicare Scam

In an official release, the IRS explains details of the case against John Grisham, of Hickory Creek, Texas, Rob Wilburn, of San Antonio, Texas, and Richard Speights Jr., of Lake Charles, Louisian.

The trio were all associated with the genetic testing laboratory, Trinity Clinical Laboratories LLC, in Lewisville, Texas. From January 2018 through October 2019, they and their co-conspirators are accused of engaging in a scheme in which they obtained thousands of Medicare beneficiaries’ DNA samples and prescriptions to fraudulently bill Medicare and Medicare Advantage for genetic testing.

CEO Grisham, CFO Wilburn, and lab co-owner Speights Jr. all allegedly accepted bribes and kickbacks as part of the scam.

Source: Lab Owners Charged In $107 Million Medicare Scam / TaxBuzz

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