Man Swallows Dentist’s Drill Bit, It Becomes Lodged in His Lung

A patient had a dentist’s metal drill bit embedded in his lung for four days after accidentally inhaling.

Tom Jozsi was forced to undergo a rare medical procedure at the hospital to remove the inch-long drill bit from deep inside his lung tissue.

The 60-year-old maintenance worker, from Illinois, was having a tooth filled when he swallowed the part.

The date of the accident and the identity of his dentist have not been disclosed.

When asked how this happened by local news channel Fox12, Jozsi chuckled and replied: “Well, I don’t know! I was at the dentist getting a tooth filled and the next thing I knew, I was told that I swallowed this tool. So I didn’t really even feel it going down. All I felt was a cough.”

He said after speaking with his hospital doctor, he feared that he would have to undergo major surgery. “What happens if he can’t get it out? And really, the answer was part of my lung was going to have to get removed.”

Pulmonary expert Dr. Abdul Alraiyes, who operated on Jozsi at the Aurora Medical Center-Kenosha in neighboring state Wisconsin, said the CAT scan showed how deep the drill bit was; it was very far down in the right lower lobe of the lung.

Source: Man Swallows Dentist’s Drill Bit, It Becomes Lodged in His Lung / Newsweek

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