Medicaid expansion would benefit Texas economy

Say you were told that every dollar you contribute toward a cause would be matched with $9. Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

This is the deal that Texas is forgoing by refusing to expand Medicaid. If we elected to expand Medicaid, the federal government would provide $9 for every $1 of state funding we put in. As it stands, we are forgoing 90 percent of federal matching funds – this is money Texans have already paid to the federal government that we are not accessing.

According to a study by the Bush School at Texas A&M University, expanding Medicaid would result in an increase of $5.4 billion in new federal funds into state coffers annually, while providing health insurance to one million low-income Texans.

Source: GUEST VIEW: Medicaid expansion would benefit Texas economy / OA Online

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