Need a Healthcare Attorney? Jack Stick is Available

As a Medicaid provider, you can now hire the man that was trying to prosecute you a few years ago.

Jack Stick, the disgraced former chief counsel for Texas Health and Human Services and former deputy Inspector General for enforcement, has opened his doors as an attorney to represent healthcare providers who “are being accused of knowingly and willfully committing fraud, overutilizing services (directly or indirectly) or abusing the healthcare system.”

Jack Stick’s $2,800 chair.

Used to accuse Medicaid providers of fraud, waste and abuse

Stick, you may remember, is the guy that was responsible for targeting dental providers for “hundreds of millions of dollars” in Medicaid fraud between 2011 – 2014.  He and long-gone former Inspector General Doug Wilson made these pie-in-the-sky allegations before numerous legislative committees in 2012 and got a larger budget and more manpower as a result.

A turnabout?

No longer the “whipping boy,” Jack Stick is now the principal in a law firm called Veris Law, based in Austin. The firm has a website but no listed address. It practices exclusively in several areas including licensure defense; allegations of waste, fraud and abuse; and healthcare compliance plans.

The website states:

“Building your practice and reputation takes hard work and dedication. If your license is in jeopardy turn to the experts at VerisLaw. We understand licensure defense and will work aggressively to defend your reputation and career. Whether in front of the licensing board, commission or judge in the state of Texas, you can rest easy knowing you have our expertise on your side.”

“Whether you suspect someone is committing or you yourself are being accused of knowingly and willfully committing fraud, overutilizing services (directly or indirectly) or abusing the healthcare system, VerisLaw is the only choice for you. Choose the firm that is led by a former deputy inspector general for Texas Health and Human Services (HHSC) as well as a lead forensic litigator who will assertively defend your rights.”


Lost cases to providers at SOAH

If we remember correctly (we have a lot of Jack Stick articles on this website), Stick was pretty unrepentant on the Medicaid fraud allegations. Yet, every dental case that went before the State Office of Administrative Hearings was lost by OIG and/or the OAG. Remember the Trueblood settlement — OIG settled for $39,000 after demanding $16 million from a dentist.

Could find a program violation on Jesus Christ

Stick is also the guy that carried around a stuffed wolf to informal provider settlement meetings. He famously said that “if Jesus Christ were a Medicaid provider, he would find a program violation.” He is also the guy who purchased two executive chairs for himself and Wilson at a cost of $5,600 ($2,809.43 each) to Texas taxpayers – twice the cost of a full orthodontic treatment for a Medicaid child.

DWI and 21CT

Then there was his long-running DWI case and the 21CT affair which caused his downfall and ultimate resignation in late 2014.


Perhaps there has been an epiphany for Stick concerning his views on Medicaid providers. That would be nice. We believe in second chances.

If Jack Stick can legitimately help a Medicaid provider or anyone else obtain justice, we are all for it.

Perhaps with his background and political connections, he can.

After all, he says:

“Attorney Jack Stick leads VerisLaw with compassion and determination. Stick is the former chief counsel for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). His extensive background in healthcare makes him unlike any other healthcare attorney in the state.

Stick uses data and analytics to improve health outcomes and reduce health care expenditures by decreasing waste, fraud, abuse, unsuccessful practices and inadvertent over coding.

Stick has tried more than 250 jury trials ranging from disorderly conduct to capital murder. During Stick’s tenure as deputy inspector general in charge of investigations, the agency’s Medicaid investigation productivity increased 800 percent.

If you’re looking for an attorney that is relentless and knowledgeable then you have come to the right place.”

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