New York Dentist Surrenders Registration After Drug Misuse

Dr. Omar Guesmia, proprietor of Gentle Dental Care, will pay $60,000 to resolve allegations that he and his dental practice violated the Controlled Substances Act by enabling an office staff member to use an electronic prescription system to obtain oxycodone for their own use.

Dr. Guesmia gave his credentials to an office staff member, who transmitted oxycodone prescriptions to various pharmacies, then retrieved the prescriptions for their own illegitimate use. Physicians generally send prescriptions to pharmacies using an electronic prescription system than can only be accessed using a password or other token, ensuring that only authorized persons transmit prescriptions to a pharmacy. Federal and New York State law prohibit practitioners from sharing their prescribing credentials with anyone and provide that physicians are responsible for all prescriptions written under said credentials.

Dr. Guesmia surrendered his DEA Registration, and as part of the civil settlement agreement, agreed not to seek renewal for at least five years.

Source: New York Dentist Surrenders Registration After Drug Misuse / WRRV

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