NH Dentist Found Innocent of 45 Counts of Medicaid Fraud Amounting to $781

Texas Medicaid fraudIt appears other states besides Texas are having problems with their Medicaid fraud investigations.

Jury found innocent

Per a news report in the Concord Register, a New Hampshire orthodontist, after a two day trial, was found innocent of 45 counts of Medicaid fraud by a jury yesterday.

Originally charged with 160 counts

In December, the dentist had originally been charged with 160 counts but the majority had been dropped prior to trial.

Fifty-seven year old Nicholas Marshall, per the article, was accused of:

“… making false claims to the state Medicaid office for various procedures, including oral exams, X-rays, tooth extractions and orthopedic treatment. Prosecutors alleged that he billed the state for services that he was already receiving payment for through a lump sum treatment plan.”

Only $781 of services at issue

Marshall’s lawyer told the paper that the total sum in question, including all 45 counts, was $781 and that the matter was simply a misunderstanding.

Marshall is still practicing but no longer taking Medicaid.

No mention was made in the article of the cost to the state of the trial and investigation which was probably more than $781.

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