North Texas Home to Two of the Greediest Stories in Healthcare

As any frequent readers of this website will know, North Texas is no stranger to fraud and greed in healthcare. The Lown Institute, in its own snarky way, has “awarded” two healthcare fraud stories from North Texas in its 2022 Shkeli Awards.

North Texas is home to some of the most egregious and most numerous healthcare fraud schemes in the country, which is probably connected to its higher healthcare costs. It was also home to one of the first federal Health Care Fraud Strike Forces in the country, and has been home to some novel uses of the law to prosecute healthcare fraud.

The awards are named for Martin Shkreli, who became infamous as the “pharma bro” who was sentenced to prison for securities fraud and heavily criticized for obtaining the rights to an antiparasitic drug and raising the price by more than 5,000 percent. Healthcare think tank Lown Institute, which named JPS Health Network and Parkland Health in its top 10 hospitals in the country, released the list of Shkreli award winners which are given to “perpetrators of the ten most egregious examples of profiteering and dysfunction in healthcare,” per the release.

Source: North Texas Home to Two of the Greediest Stories in Healthcare / D Magazine

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