Orthodontist arrested for assault

An orthodontist in Texas, who has been arrested for multiple offenses since 2017, was arrested on April 16 for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in 2016, according to a story published on KTAB/KRBC.

Dr. Victor Lee, of Lee Orthodontics in Abilene, TX, was charged with a second-degree felony account of sexual assault, booked into county jail, and released on April 16 after posting a $25,000 bond.

Since 2017, Lee has been booked at the county jail at least four times on various charges, according to the story. In 2022, a jury in Texas found him not guilty of possession of a controlled substance by fraud stemming from a case in which he reportedly prescribed two medications for his parents and attempted to pick them up.

However, Sellers Law Firm in Fort Worth, TX, which represents Lee and his practice, posted a statement on April 16 on Lee Orthodontics’ Facebook page calling the new charge “fake.” Furthermore, the accusation and the woman’s credibility had been litigated, and a jury acquitted Lee of this offense in less than a half hour, according to the statement.

Sourcce: Orthodontist arrested for assault / DrBicuspid.com

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