Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform
UPDATED: Recent Medicaid Related Media

Here are some recent media stories that relate to Medicaid and Medicaid fraud. June 18th – Medicaid Orthodontist found guilty July 19th – Perry orders investigation into oversight of troubled rural hospital chain _ Dallasnews July 24th – AG, Planned Parenthood Affiliate … Read More

US Capitol in Washington
U.S. Senate Report Released Slamming DSOs

This week the staff of the Committee on Finance and Committee for Judiciary for the U.S. Senate released a negative report about DSOs entitled the “JOINT STAFF REPORT ON THE CORPORATE PRACTICE OF DENTISTRY IN THE MEDICAID PROGRAM.”   The report suggested that one … Read More

Legal cases
Important Dates for Legal Cases Coming Up

The following is information on upcoming court hearings that are vitally important to this whole dental Medicaid provider issue. On August 13 at 9:00 a.m., an HHSC Appeals Judge will hear M&M Orthodontics of San Antonio’s Plea to the Jurisdiction. … Read More

Online survey
TDMR Survey Results Now Available

Before the end of the legislative session, TDMR posted an online survey, asking dental Medicaid providers their opinions about a number of important questions. What are the biggest challenges Medicaid providers face today? In your opinion, what is a Medicaid … Read More

New legislation for Dental Board
OIG Settlement Successfully Negotiated

TDMR has learned that Jason Ray, attorney at the Austin law firm of Riggs, Aleshire & Ray, P.C., recently negotiated a full settlement of an OIG complaint and payment hold against a dentist in the Dallas area. The dentist, who … Read More

OIG Legislative Testimony

  Please find in our menu, records of testimony given by either Douglas Wilson or Jack Stick of Texas Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General during the 2013 legislative session.    

Austin Texas Capitol
Perry Signs SB 1803 into Law!

On Friday, June 14th, without fanfare, Gov. Rick Perry signed Senate Bill 1803 into law. The legislation will take effect September 1st. This is a tremendous victory for all Medicaid providers in Texas as it provides for legislated due process … Read More

McAllen Monitor
TDMR Responds to McAllen Monitor and Texas Tribune

TDMR has responded in the McAllen Monitor to a piece reprinted there from the Texas Tribune from April 25th “Legislators Seek Action on Medicaid Fraud Measures.” TDMR Director of Communications Chuck Young penned an opinion piece regarding problems in the … Read More

Texas Capitol

This morning, the Texas House of Representatives passed CSSB 1803 with a vote of 119 to 20 in favor.  This is a great victory for Medicaid providers as it for the first time outlines in legislation due process rights. The … Read More

Texas State Representative Seats
Videos: Attorneys Testifying on HB 1536

The following lawyers testified in favor of House Bill 1536 during public testimony in front of the House Human Services Committee on March 19th. Tony Canales, author of HB 1536, speaks about why the bill is needed and his experience … Read More

UPDATED: Video – Interview on KXDJ Radio

  We were recently on KXDJ radio, a Fox affiliate up in the Texas Panhandle. It was encouraging to get some support from a more tea-party oriented crowd. We’ve always thought that this issue should cut across party lines, and … Read More

The Human Costs of Perry’s War on Medicaid

Along with providers and their employees, Texas’ GOP leadership has thrown thousands of kids under the bus In this pair of brief videos, we get an up-close look at the results of Governor Perry’s covert war on Medicaid providers. When … Read More

Office of Inspector General HHSC

Here are resources regarding the Office of the Inspector General and things that have been publicly stated by the former Inspector General Douglas Wilson or his Deputy Inspector General for Enforcement Jack Stick. A number of these resources are transcripts … Read More

Texas Medicaid Expansion slider
Without a Provider Network, Medicaid Expansion is Moot

There’s a great deal of talk today about Medicaid Expansion. Texas’ Governor and both of its U.S. Senators have proclaimed their opposition to it; Texas Democrats and progressives have duly noted their support. But regardless of whether or not Governor … Read More

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