Paxton should give back that $100K gift

If the irony of Ken Paxton being Texas’ attorney general were a wall, it would be a huge, magnificent wall growing taller by the day. As the state’s top legal authority, an attorney general is expected to be above ethical reproach — hence the irony.Paxton has been charged criminally by the state and civilly by the federal government in a pattern of misleading investors. The case involves Paxton’s private business dealings. Its only connection to the offices he has held is that customers tend to be impressed that the person recommending an investment to them is an elected state official. Knowing that Paxton is a lawyer by profession, which isn’t the same as a stockbroker, but finding out only after the fact that he received commissions for the investments he recommended, kind of like a stockbroker, left some customers feeling wronged.That’s among the main allegations against Paxton. They were known before he was elected attorney general, yet he was elected nevertheless.

Source: Paxton should give back that $100K gift Corpus Christi Caller Times

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