Perryman: Texas’ Medicaid purge is perilous

Since the expiration of COVID-19-related provisions requiring states to keep residents enrolled in Medicaid, an estimated 2.1 million Texans have lost their coverage. Texas has by far the highest number of uninsured residents in the country and has removed significantly more individuals from coverage than any other state.

The primary reason to maintain and expand health insurance access is to help some of the state’s most vulnerable residents to obtain needed care, thus improving their lives. While many hospitals and clinics provide treatment to the uninsured, there is a substantial cost to be borne by those facilities, the local taxpayers who subsidize uncompensated care and those with private insurance who face higher premiums to offset these expenses.

Beyond the health consequences to the affected people and families, health insurance coverage involves significant economic and fiscal benefits. With 2.1 million fewer Texans covered by health insurance, health-related spending decreases, reducing business activity in communities across the state and throughout the economy.

Source: Perryman: Texas’ Medicaid purge is perilous / Tyler Morning Telegraph

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