Raymond C. Winter Is The New Inspector General

Raymond C. Winter

Governor Greg Abbott announced yesterday that he has appointed Raymond C. Winter (“Ray”), former head of the Civil Medicaid Fraud division of the Office of the Attorney General, as the Inspector General for Texas HHS.  He will replace Sylvia Hernandez-Kauffman, who is leaving the position on October 2.

Winter left the OAG back in November 2022 after 24 years of service, 15 years as head of the Civil Medicaid fraud unit.  He returned to government service this past June as Assistant Deputy Inspector General for Complex Litigation for Texas HHS.

Complex, indeed.  We outlined his litigation history with dentists and Conduent when he retired.

What does Winter’s return portend for Medicaid providers?

TDMR reached out to Austin administrative attorney Jason Ray, who has a number of Medicaid dentists as clients, for his thoughts on Winter’s return as IG.

He had this to say:

“Ray is a very good attorney, and he is a conscientious defender of tax dollars spent on Medicaid services.  His experience in the OAG CMF division will give him a head start in rooting out fraud, waste and abuse at the OIG.  I haven’t always agreed with his view of the facts and his ardent defense of the State’s mistakes, so perhaps this position will allow him to help the State become better about handling its own responsibilities in making better policy and drawing brighter lines for providers to follow. Truth be told, I’m glad I’ve had experience working with and against him for 20 years. It should be good for the providers I represent.”







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  • Those were very thoughtful words expressed by attorney Jason Ray. Mr. Winter & Mr. Ray have been on polar opposite sides of legal issues. Arguements presented often got very heated.

    It’s not always easy for ill feelings not to spill over beyond the immediacy of legal procedings.

    Michael W Davis, DDS
    Santa Fe, NM

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