Shreveport dentists give back on Fourth of July

SHREVEPORT, La.- While many people are out celebrating the Fourth of July with friends and family, others who are less fortunate will be searching for something to eat. But two Shreveport dentists are making it their mission to feed the needy during this freedom celebration.

Smiles on Wheels owner Michael Evans and Loud Family Dental dentist Rodrick Loud organized the event with the help of their sponsors, Red Mans BBQ, and gave away free barbecue, drinks, nachos and snow cones, and provided water slides, with all of it taking place the parking lot of Loud Family Dental at 2701 Frederick Street.

This is their first community food giveaway.

“Being a part of the community, we know it’s hard out here. We know during these times, the economy and whatnot, teeth are not the most important thing on the list. So, with that being said, the people who do come in and, you know, trust us with their teeth and, you know, we appreciate that they keep us in the business and keep our lights on so I think it’s just more of just being in tune with the community and the needs of, you know, giving back and what they need,” said Evans.

“This community has fed us. I mean, it’s our bread and butter here. We’ve been welcoming in this community for over close to 50 years. So we’ve got to give back. We’ve got to say thank you,” said Loud.

Source: Shreveport dentists give back on Fourth of July / KTBS

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