States enact dental benefit legislation

Sixteen new dental benefit laws have been enacted in nine states, most of which have been supported by the ADA’s State Public Affairs program.

The states passed legislation addressing issues like assignment of benefits, claims review transparency, downcoding and bundling, medical loss ratios, prior authorization, provider network leasing, virtual credit card payments and insurer business practices review.

The eight states enacting dental insurance reform so far this year using SPA grants to support their campaigns are Indiana, Arizona, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Iowa and Maryland. Wisconsin did not apply for a grant in their successful insurance reform effort this year. The SPA Program was founded by the ADA in 2006 to help state societies manage specific public affairs issues and opportunities. It has since evolved into a national program which has helped state dental societies bolster their communications and public affairs capabilities.

Source: States enact dental benefit legislation / ADA News

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