States experience Medicaid wins

A number of states have experienced Medicaid wins within the dental community over the past few months. From victories like reimbursement rate increases to centralized credentialing to removing annual dental services caps, here are the ways in which some states are making efforts to improve dental Medicaid.

Georgia approved an $11 million increase in adult dental benefits for people enrolled in Medicaid. Last month Gov. Brian Kemp signed House Bill 916, the state’s appropriations bill for fiscal year 2025.

Nebraska passed Legislative Bill 358, which increases the reimbursement rate for dental services provided under Medicaid by 12.5% for fiscal year 2025. The bill was passed unanimously, 47-0, and took effect immediately. The state also removed a $750 annual cap on dental services for adults enrolled in Medicaid in an effort to improve dental care access and allow providers to offer more comprehensive treatment.

Jessica Meeske, D.D.S., president of the Nebraska Dental Association, said while the organization originally asked for a 25% increase, the overarching goal was to find common ground. She added that many dentists, physicians, dental students and health departments testified at the hearing.

Source: States experience Medicaid wins / ADA News

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