Stick DWI Hearing Now May 12th

Jack Stick arrestThe probable next Chief Legal Counsel for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Jack Stick has had his DWI hearing again delayed, now to May 12th. The original arrest date was September 2012.

Per the Travis County Criminal Court Clerk’s record, Mr. Stick has a new lawyer, Brian J. Roark of the Austin law firm of Botsford & Roark.

The only reason this is mentioned is because the firm states on its website the following, not unusual of itself:

“While we love our country, we certainly do not trust the reliability and truthfulness of many of the law enforcement authorities in the state and federal criminal justice systems. Accordingly, we stand for the proposition that neither the state or federal government can “get” one of our clients without one heck of a fight and that if there is any lawful manner in which to defeat the government’s effort to “get” you, we will find it for you. If you want intelligent attorneys who are willing to work hard for you and use creative problem solving, you have come to the proper firm.”

The irony in relation to HHSC-OIG and Mr. Stick is too great to let it pass by without comment.

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