Texas DMOs Are Doing Better for Medicaid Dentists

Over the years, we have published the concerns of many dentists who informed us of the various and sometimes substantial shortcomings in the performance of the various DMOs contracted by Texas HHS for dental Medicaid. There have been wrongly placed payment holds, efforts at forced capitation, whimsical recoupments, and general dissatisfaction with their performance.

The ire and complaints have been directed at DentaQuest and MCNA.

We have received no real complaints about UnitedHealthcare Dental to date.  As a matter of fact, we just had a provider compliment them on their value-based care dental program. They thought it had merit.

The news is that we have received unsolicited compliments about an increase in provider care and service from both MCNA and DentaQuest since the end of the last legislative session and the lack of a fee increase for Medicaid dental providers.

We were told by several providers that representatives from both companies have been more responsive and quicker to handle outstanding issues and that they were very happy about this.  It meant they could concentrate more on service for Medicaid clients and worry less about what issues might arise from providing that service from the DMOs.

They were quite elated about it.  Nice to hear.

So it would be churlish indeed of TDMR if we did not report this.

So good work DentaQuest, MCNA and UnitedHealthcare Dental!


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  • Medicaid fee schedule is not justified considering current inflation that are in place, they have too many unnecessary regulation and extremely low fee schedule,

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