Texas HHS Inspector General Stuart Bowen Resigns

HHSC Inspector General Stuart Bowen Jr.

The Texas Monthly has reported that Health and Human Services Inspector General Stuart W. Bowen Jr. resigned last night.

He was asked to resign by Gov. Greg Abbott because he had hidden the fact that he was also employed by a Washington D.C. law firm which was lobbying the federal government on behalf of the government of Iraq.  Bowen apparently figured prominently in the removal of Iraq from the controversial travel ban ordered several months ago by President Trump.  We suggest you read the entire

We suggest you read the entire Texas Monthly article for the full story.

Did great work

Bowen has done great work in reorganizing the Inspector General Office during his two years in the position.  It was in a shambles after the previous IG Doug Wilson was asked to resign by then-Gov. Rick Perry back in late 2014.  Bowen has done much to increase communication with providers and make the office accountable.

He will be missed and we hope a similarly competent individual takes his place.


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