Texas Lawmakers Approve $900 Million for Medicaid Nursing Providers

Texas Medicaid nursing providers received a rate increase this past weekend as the Texas legislature approved an extension to a COVID-era add-on until August 31 and a further $900 million general Medicaid rate increase as part of the state’s overall budget starting September 1.

This is the first rate increase for nursing providers in a decade.

Lobbying efforts successful

The nursing home advocates attribute the successful outcome to their lobbying efforts with legislators.

According to Kevin Warren, President and CEO of the Texas Health Care Association, who was interviewed by McKnights Long-Term Care News, “the long-term care profession in Texas worked this session collectively to educate lawmakers about the ongoing challenges… and the critical support these funds provide to prevent major disruptions in care for Texans.”

New rate to be determined by Texas HHS

Providers will continue to receive the $19.63 daily per-patient add-on, which had maintained federal matching funds during the pandemic but expired earlier this month. This supplemental funding will serve as a bridge for providers until the updated Medicaid rates for fiscal 2024 come into effect.

The amount of the percentage increase remains uncertain until the Texas Health and Human Services holds a hearing in mid-July to determine the average rate adjustment.

No dental increase so far

Sorry to note that there currently is no news regarding any kind of similar increase for Medicaid dental providers.


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