Tooth Fairy Heist’: 5 accused of $1.3M fraud at Hialeah, Little Havana dental clinics

HIALEAH, Fla. – Five people employed by a dental management company were arrested Tuesday in connection to a $1.3 million insurance fraud scheme involving two South Florida dental clinics, according to arrest reports.

Investigators with the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Bureau of Insurance Fraud dubbed the case the “Tooth Fairy Heist.”

Authorities arrested two women and three men on multiple felony charges:

Mercedes Linares, 53, of Hollywood
Christi Olson, 47, of Hialeah
Leonardo Ramos, 22, of Hialeah Gardens
Leonel Ravelo, 34, of Hialeah
Ryon Vazquez, 33, of Miami
According to arrest reports, in 2020, a husband-and-wife pair sold shares in their dental practice, with offices located in Hialeah and Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, to the management company, with the intention of having the management company handle administrative duties.

However, the two began to have conflicts with the company’s activities and were eventually fired from what used to be their own practice in April and May 2022, according to the report.

Source: Tooth Fairy Heist’: 5 accused of $1.3M fraud at Hialeah, Little Havana dental clinics / Local 10

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  • Are you aware that this was a scheme placed by the pharmacy original doctors to take their office illegally back? They accused these people falsely to get ahead of the game. They used their money and power to publish these articles across the media without any regard for the effect this would have on their reputation or life. They lied to the authorities and provided false evidence. This resulted in acquittal of the 5 people who are now free to go on with their lives without feeling falsely accused of fraud. These thug doctors are schemers and misuse their power and money to ruin people’s lives. But God is good and always beats evil people at one point or another.

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