UnitedHealth Group Acquires MCNA Dental

On November 19, 2020, MCNA Dental announced that UnitedHealth Group (“United”) acquired the MCNA organization. MCNA Dental will retain its name and brand, and will continue functioning as one of the three dental maintenance organizations (DMOs) contracted by the state of Texas to administer the statewide managed care dental program for providing dental services to Texas Children’s Medicaid (Medicaid) and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). While the state of Texas regulates and awards contracts with respect to DMOs, the Texas Dental Association (TDA) monitors third party payors. TDA will continue to monitor and work with these entities during this transition, to ensure the interests of Texas dentists and dental patients are considered, in this and other Medicaid/CHIP and private insurance matters. TDA has strong relationships with each of the state’s DMOs, and will continue representing its member dentists in the state’s dental managed care program.

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