Videos: Dentists Publicly Testify for First Time for Bill 1536

The following dentists and one dental staff person spoke about their experiences with the Office of Inspector General while testifying in favor of House Bill 1536 during public testimony in front of the House Human Services Committee on March 19th.

This is the first time that most have spoken publicly about their experiences.

Dr. Paul Dunn from west Texas testifies about how his practice is on the verge of bankruptcy from a payment hold from OIG. He provided written testimony.

Dr. Jose Cazares from the Texas Academy of General Dentistry voices his concerns that Medicaid providers do not have due process protections and needs them as it places all dental Medicaid providers at risk.

Dr. Vivian Teegardin, TDMR board member, testifies about how her life and career has been damaged by continuing unproven allegations by OIG even though her practice, Harlingen Family Dentistry was found innocent of any fraud. She provided written testimony.

Dr. Behzad Nazari testifies about how his practice is on the verge of bankruptcy from OIG payholds. He provided written testimony.

Dr. John Vondrak testifies how his large practice was decimated by OIG investigations and still unproven claims of fraud.

Dr. Scott Malone testifies about how his life and career have been damaged by years of long, drawn out investigations and postponed hearings and still unproven allegations by OIG.

Marisol Alanis, office manager of Harlingen Family Dentistry, testifies about how OIG investigators disrupted the practice and still have not returned files although HFD has been found innocent of OIG allegations. She provided written testimony.

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