Videos of Explosive Testimony by Medicaid Dentists Now Online at Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform Website and on YouTube Channel

Group producing videos to show the human cost of enforcement actions against Medicaid providers without due process protections in place

Texas Dentists for Medicaid ReformAustin, Tx (PRWeb):  Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform (“TDMR”) has posted 13 videos of the public testimony given on March 19th by dentists and attorneys to the Texas House Human Services Committee. The videos were compiled from Capitol video archives of testimony given in support of House Bill 1536. The bill provides various due process rights to Medicaid providers in overpayment hearings with the state.

“It’s one thing to read the written submissions that we’ve posted to our website,” says Chuck Young, TDMR’s Director of Communication. “But it is entirely another to see and hear the actual testimony as it was given. The public doesn’t understand that Medicaid providers are being driven to the edge of bankruptcy and beyond without having been found guilty of a thing. In fact, that is the way the system is currently set up and working.”

Young claimed the videos are especially critical of the state’s Office of the Inspector General / Health and Human Services Commission (“OIG”). “These videos show how severely OIG has ignored due process rights and harmed Medicaid providers through payment holds based on unproven allegations.”

TDMR has produced several other videos that are now online. Two interviews – one with an orthodontic Medicaid patient and the other with a parent – are about how the state has stranded them with the vast changes to dental Medicaid that have been made in the last year. More videos are being produced in this area.

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