Xerox fined by state for continued TxTag issues |

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The company contracted to operate toll roads throughout the state has been fined nearly $177,000 in damages by the Texas Department of Transportation. Xerox’s $100 million contract with the State of Texas includes handling customer service and the TxTag website. But since taking over last year, TxTag customers have been plagued with billing problems, issues with the website and long wait times when trying to get through on the phone.

TxDOT promised months ago the situations plaguing the TxTag billing process was getting better. In September, TxDOT claimed the issue was fixed. But customers continue to say they are unable to reach representatives on the phone and that the website still is not working properly. Others say they are receiving incorrect bills. The transportation department now says, “Xerox faces additional penalties of hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for its failure to meet contractual and performance obligations.”

via Xerox fined by state for continued TxTag issues |

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