5 best, 5 worst states for dental health

There are many reasons why people don’t go to the dentist—and some factors, like not having one close by or at affordable prices—can depend on where you live.

For example, some states, like Idaho, have few dentists per capita, making it tougher for people to even find one nearby, particularly in rural areas. Other states, like Massachusetts, have some of the highest dental treatment costs in the country — and for those who don’t have dental insurance, getting a root canal there just might be too cost-prohibitive.

There are other personal reasons why people don’t have regular checkups or get fillings or crowns when needed. More than a few just don’t like going to the dentist period—for fear of pain or being scolded by the dental hygienist for not brushing or flossing enough.

Source: 5 best, 5 worst states for dental health / Benefits PRO

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