ADA House of Delegates approves 2023 budget

Houston — The ADA House of Delegates closed its 2022 session Oct. 18, approving a small dues increase and budget deficit.

The 2023 budget reflects $146,407,000 in revenues and $148,326,000 in expenses and income taxes, generating a net deficit of $1,919,000. The House of Delegates set annual membership dues at $600 for 2023 which includes an increase of $18 from 2022. The increase includes $14 based on a 2.4% average rate of inflation over the last five years in compliance with House Resolution 14H-2019, plus $4 to cover additional new programs or the improvement of existing programs passed by the House of Delegates.

The House resolution from 2019 asked the Board to propose dues adjustments based on a five-year consumer price increase, which yields for a much lower increase for 2023 than signaled by current inflation.

Source: ADA House of Delegates approves 2023 budget / American Dental Association

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