AG Ferguson: Washington Dentists To pay $1 Million Over Fraudulent Medicaid Billing

Attorney General Bob Ferguson recently announced that CareOne Dental Corporation and its owners will pay $1 million over allegations they repeatedly billed Medicaid for non-covered services and for services the company didn’t provide, the second-largest resolution of an in-state Medicaid False Claims Act case in Washington.

One of the defendants, Dr. Liem Do, also agreed to no longer provide or be employed in any setting that involves state Medicaid and Medicare services. He also agreed that if Medicaid and Medicare initiate formal proceedings to bar him, he waives his right to contest them, a process known as “voluntary exclusion.”

In 2015, Ferguson filed a Medicaid fraud lawsuit in Clark County Superior Court against the Clark County company and its owners, Dr. Do and his wife Dr. Phuong-Oanh Tran. Ferguson alleged that CareOne Dental filed about $1 million in fraudulent claims to Medicaid between January 2011 and June 2015.

At one point, the couple operated four dental offices in Southwest Washington and two in Oregon. They currently operate a single clinic in Vancouver.

Source: AG Ferguson: Clark County Dentists To pay $1 Million Over Fraudulent Medicaid Billing / The Seattle Medium

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