Accenture: Another big company hit by a ransomware attack

(CNN Business)Accenture, the global consulting firm, has been hit by the LockBit ransomware gang, according to the cybercriminal group’s website.

Accenture (ACN)’s encrypted files will be published by the group on the dark web on Wednesday unless the company pays the ransom, LockBit claimed, according to screenshots of the website reviewed by CNN Business and Emsisoft, a cybersecurity firm.

Stacey Jones, an Accenture spokesperson, confirmed a cybersecurity incident to CNN Business on Wednesday, but did not explicitly acknowledge a ransomware attack.

“Through our security controls and protocols, we identified irregular activity in one of our environments,” Jones said in a statement. “We immediately contained the matter and isolated the affected servers. We fully restored our affected systems from back up. There was no impact on Accenture’s operations, or on our clients’ systems.”

Source: Another big company hit by a ransomware attack / CNN Business

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