‘Broken’ state agency near $90 million deal on Medicaid fraud… | www.mystatesman.com

The state office charged with investigating Medicaid fraud and waste, criticized this week by state auditors and legislators as dysfunctional and “broken,” is finalizing a $90 million contract with an Austin analytics company that had no experience with Medicaid before its deal with Texas.

Federal officials in September greenlighted $67.5 million in matching funds to pay for three years of software licenses and services from that company, 21CT, contract planning documents show.

If the state finalizes the deal, it will be the second big payday for 21CT, a federal defense contractor and virtual unknown in the Medicaid fraud business before 2012, when Texas investigators first asked it to make sense of the ocean of data tracking $28.3 billion a year in Medicaid spending.

via ‘Broken’ state agency near $90 million deal on Medicaid fraud… | www.mystatesman.com.

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