City of Kyle announces 850-job economic incentive agreement with SmileDirectClub

An economic incentive agreement between the city of Kyle and SmileDirectClub’s Access Dental Lab will bring 850 jobs to the city of Kyle via the Hays Logistics Center, an industrial development near I-35.

The agreement was formally approved at a special City Council meeting held at the facility Oct. 8.

“It’s very competitive,” said Diana Torres, direct of economic development for the city of Kyle. “For us to be able to win this project is a big feather in our hat and says a lot for our region. We’re in the innovation corridor, and they’re a high-tech biomedical manufacturing company.”

In exchange for job creation and a capital investment of about $37 million, the incentive agreement stipulates that the company will receive a 50% rebate on real and property taxes over the next eight years, Torres said. The estimated value of the incentive, according to Torres, is about $659,799, while the estimated net benefit to the city is about $5,234,235.

Source: City of Kyle announces 850-job economic incentive agreement with SmileDirectClub / Community Impact Newspaper

4 Responses

  • SmileDirect Club, though, is a sham of a product delivery system marketed as treatment. It is not overseen by direct patient observation by a licensed, current dental clinician. So what an 850 person lab facility goes in…Oh, right, it’s not about an ethical’s about jobs. My bad.

    • Agree with you 100%….. who cares if it’s harming patients as long as it’s creating jobs right ?? 🤦‍♂️

  • They have a dental director reviewing thru teledentistry. Is it really that different when it come to orthodontist in office? Ortho is the most “hands off” specialty there is.

  • Quite different. A “Dental Director” means nothing clinically. It’s a contractual point to comply with the State Board. Teledentistry to “diagnose” is way different than an orthodontist who works up cases in office, and the legally delegated tasks are directly and indirectly overseen …in that office. Is it right that orthodontists are so hands off? That’s a whole other debate.

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