Have a Complaint About a Dental MCO? Here is the Person to Contact at HHSC

Dr. Marguerite Laccabue

Did you know that HHS, formerly HHSC, has a  Managed Care Inquiries and Complaints mailbox? It does.  It also has a person to field those inquiries and complaints.

That person is Dr. Marguerite Laccabue, MPH, DDS, Dental Director of the Office of the Medical Director at Health and Human Services.

Dr. Laccabue emceed the Dental Stakeholder meeting held last February in Austin.  She gave a short presentation at the beginning on her purposes, one of which is to:

Maintain open communications with dental providers and various dental stakeholders — assessing operational issues, areas of abuse, utilization rates, and trends.

She also provided her contact information for that purpose, so here it is:

Marguerite Laccabue, DDS, MPH
(512) 424-6514

Managed Care Inquiries and Complaints Mailbox

Below is a video of her remarks and relevant slides from her presentation.

dental director

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