Complaints Regarding Dental Managed Care Aired at HHS Managed Care Stakeholders Meeting Last Week

Last Thursday, Texas Health and Human Services held its Biannual Managed Care Stakeholder Meeting in Austin.  The meeting was primarily hosted by Jami Snyder, the Associate Commissioner for the Medicaid & CHIP Services Department of HHS.

During the open discussion period at the end of the meeting, Dr. Paul Dunn representing TDMR and Diana Cumbow of the Texas Dentist Group Practice Association (TDGPA) expressed their concerns about dental managed care, primarily about MCNA.  Rather than summarize the interactions in this article, it is best to see their questions and Ms. Snyder’s responses.  Please watch our short 10-minute video of the proceedings.

The next stakeholders meeting will be July 12.

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  • Dentaquest in no better., It seems the majority of providers are taking side on this. DQ is a MCO as well and It have done what Dr. Paul Dunn presented ,at least to me. It is understandable the fear for losing the Medicaid patient services income from night to next day as have had happen to me but it should not make providers insinuating by means pleasing in a kind of beg and promote for what they think is the less worse to stay, Taking side only for providers being able to continue seeing Medicaid patients at that risk is not the way. DQ wont hesitate on doing what Dr. Dunn presented MCNA is doing it had happen to me, My disputes against MCNA were other than the presented by DR Dunn. The pattern of no complying with the contracted, cutting communication and ignoring the fact are the same

    Both MCNA & DQ are no good for providers by no means.

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