Coral Springs Company To Pay $3.15 Million To Settle Medicare Fraud Case

A Coral Springs company has agreed to pay $3.15 million in settlement money to resolve allegations it submitted false Medicare claims to the government after a whistleblower revealed the alleged lawbreaking, prosecutors said.

VirtuOx, Inc, which operates Medicare-approved diagnostic testing facilities, allegedly violated the U.S. False Claims Act by falsely identifying the location for “certain services it performed to obtain a higher rate of reimbursement from Medicare” between January 2016 and December 2020, according to a May 19 announcement from the Department of Justice.

With headquarters at 5850 Coral Ridge Dr., the company knowingly submitted false claims to Medicare identifying its diagnostic facilities located in San Francisco as the site where it performed overnight pulse oximetry tests when, in fact, no such services were performed at that location, the government’s lawyers said.

VirtuOx did administer overnight pulse oximetry tests as part of its business but, at times, also billed Medicare for single determination pulse oximetry tests—commonly referred to as an oxygen “spot check”—for the same patient, even though the only test performed was the overnight test, according to DOJ.

Source: Coral Springs Company To Pay $3.15 Million To Settle Medicare Fraud Case / Coral Springs Talk

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