Delta Dental the state’s choice to offer Medicaid benefit

Delta Dental Plan of New Hampshire is the firm recommended for a $34 million contract to deliver the first-ever dental benefit for 88,000 adults on Medicaid.

If approved, the contract with a two-year extension could run through March 2026. The Executive Council will consider the nearly-400 page contract at its meeting today .

Gov. Chris Sununu and legislative leaders from both parties reached consensus last spring on dental benefits for Medicaid recipients, an issue that advocates had been working on for two decades.

Medicaid is the federal-state health insurance program for the poor, disabled and some senior citizens.

House Republican leaders dropped their long reluctance to the dental benefit once they had found a handy revenue source for the first three years. In January, Centene Corp., one of the three firms providing managed care for New Hampshire Medicaid clients, agreed to pay $21 million to resolve the state’s inquiry into whether the company was overcharging for prescription drugs.

Source: Delta Dental the state’s choice to offer Medicaid benefit / yahoo! news

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