Dental Services, Driven by Costs, Going Up Like Everything Else

The American Dental Association has reported that dental services increased 1.9% in June, the highest single-month rise ever recorded since the Department of Labor started keeping track in 1995.

Job Market Increases

The increase is attributable in part, according to ADA president Dr. Cesar R. Sabates, to eight out of 10 dentists giving pay raises to their staff within the last year, highlighting the current competitive job market.

According to a survey done by the ADA Health Policy Institute, hiring is particularly challenging for dental hygienists and dental assistants even in Texas which is shown here.

The survey also showed that the dramatic cost increases of PPE are also driving the increase.

Worries about the nation’s economy 

While the majority of dentists have confidence in the recovery of their own dental practices and the profession in general, they have less confidence in the economy, according to the HPI survey.

Texas more pessimistic about the economy

Texas dentists are even more pessimistic about the economy.

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