Dentist, hygienist fired following accusations

After undergoing public scrutiny across social media, a dentist and dental hygienist at Waynesboro Family Dentistry have been relieved of their duties at the practice.

According to Dr. Zack Bentley, owner of the local practice, both the dentist and hygienist will no longer be working at the practice as of Friday following a viral post on Facebook in which a Waynesboro mother recounted an experience that left her feeling hustled. The woman wrote that she’d been told she had periodontal disease and several cavities but that a second opinion from another dentist revealed she had only one cavity and no signs of bone loss. “My treatment plan was going to consist of a total of three visits and over $800 out of pocket expenses,” she wrote. “Thank goodness I was told by a friend that she had the same exact thing happen to her.”

While some complaints about the practice have circulated since it opened in September 2018, the Facebook post last week garnered more than 200 shares and dozens of comments from others claiming to have had the same diagnosis and resulting concerns. Still others were quick to say they had pleasant experiences with the practice, especially the services rendered to their children.

Source: Dentist, hygienist fired following accusations / The True Citizen

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