Dentists make too much money

April 13, 2016 — I said it. And the marketplace backs me up. We are already seeing the effects of an increased number of dentists graduating, increased capacity per dentist, dentists practicing longer in general, and nondentists performing functions that used to be reserved only for licensed dentists.

Just as one simple example of the market forcing dentists to charge less, let’s consider teeth whitening. It used to cost hundreds of dollars to get professional whitening, but products from Crest and other effective alternatives, combined with increased competition and the desire to attract new patients, make whitening very affordable or even free these days. And that’s a great thing for patients!

Think this is an isolated event? Sorry to disappoint you, but this is just the beginning. Wait until you see what companies such as SmileDirectClub do to the market and the profession over the next decade.
See full story…Source: Dentists make too much money DR. BICUSPID

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