UPDATED April 19: Due Process Bill Moves to House Committee on Human Services

Texas Capitol ChairsSenator Joan Huffman’s bill providing due process rights for Medicaid providers which passed the Texas Senate 31-0 has now been assigned to the House Human Services Committee, chaired by Rep. Richard Peña Raymond. No date has been set for hearing the legislation as the Committee is still dealing with House-originated legislation.

The Human Services Committee is the same committee that heard public testimony on HB 1536 on Medicaid due process rights authored by Rep. Bobby Guerra and supported by 15 other Reps. It was the first time that dental Medicaid providers who have been severely affected by allegations of Medicaid fraud, publicly testified about the investigatory actions of the Office of Inspector General.

HB 1536 was just recently reported favorably by the Committee without amendment. The legislation was voted on and received Ayes=6 and Nays=3.

The following was the vote:

Ayes: Representatives Raymond; Gonzalez, Naomi; Naishtat; Rose; Sanford; Zerwas (6).

Nays: Representatives Fallon; Klick; Turner, Scott (3).

Present, Not Voting: None (0).

Absent: None (0).

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